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Azores Archipelago Maps

Maps – The Nine Azorean Islands – Portugal

The Portuguese Archipelago of the Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands: Santa Maria, São Miguel, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo. All the islands are connected by boat, though services are more frequent between the five islands of the central group.
The Community Flag of the Azorean islands.
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Ilha de Santa Maria

Map Ilha de Santa Maria. Map Santa Maria island, Azores, Portugal.
With a total surface of about 97 square kilometres, it is 18 km long and 10 km wide at its most.

Ilha de São Miguel

Map Ilha de São Miguel. Map São Miguel island, Azores, Portugal.
With a total surface of 759 square kilometres, São Miguel is 65 km long (E-W) and 14 km wide (N-S).

Ilha Terceira

Map Ilha Terceira. Map Terceira island, Azores, Portugal.
With a total area of 382 square kilometres, it’s 29 km long and 17.5 km wide.

Ilha Graciosa

Map Ilha de Graciosa. Map Graciosa island, Azores, Portugal.
Graciosa, part of the central group, has a surface of 62 square kilometres, 12.5 km long and 8.5 km wide.

Ilha de São Jorge

Map Ilha de São Jorge. Map São Jorge island, Azores, Portugal.
It is 56 km long and 6 to 8 km wide, with a total area of 246 square kilometres.

Ilha do Pico

Map Ilha do Pico. Map Pico island, Azores, Portugal.
It has a total area of 447 square kilometres, is 42 km long and 15.2 km wide at its most, from the NW to the SE.

Ilha do Faial

Map Ilha do Faial. Map Faial island, Azores, Portugal.
With a total area of 173 square kilometres, Faial is 21 km from east to west and 14 km long.

Ilha das Flores

Map Ilha das Flores. Map Flores island, Azores, Portugal.
With an area of 143 square kilometres, a length of 17 km and a width of 12.5 km.

Ilha do Corvo

Map Ilha do Corvo. Map Corvo island, Azores, Portugal.
Corvo is the smallest island measuring 6.5 km long, 4 km wide and its surface only 17.5 square kilometres.

Tourist Maps

General-purpose tourist maps, as distinguished from specialized ones, include such common geographic features as road networks, population centers, rivers, lakes, forests, and land relief, as well as items of special tourist interest, including architectural and historical landmarks, preserves, national parks, museums, hotels, tourist centers, and camping sites. Such maps serve to acquaint tourists with a given district and provide information on possible travel routes, on the location of specific landmarks, and on the availability of tourist services.
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